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JIS K 7033:1998 English Edition

JIS K 7033:1998

Plastics piping systems - Pipes made of glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) - Determination of initial tensile properties


The standard specifies three test methods for determining the longitudinal tensile properties of pipes of glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) . The properties which can be determined are: the longitudinal tensile strength; the percentage ultimate elongation; the longitudinal modulus of elasticity. Method A uses for the test piece(s) a longitudinal strip cut from a pipe. Method B uses a specified length of the full cross section of the pipe. Method C uses a notched plate cut from a pipe wall section. Method A is applicable to pipes with a nominal size DN 50 or greater with circumferentially wound filaments, with or without chopped glass and/or woven rovings and/or fillers, and to centrifugally cast pipes. It is applicable to those pipes with helically wound filaments with a nominal size DN 200 or greater. Method B is applicable to all types of GRP pipes. It is usually used for pipes with a nominal size up to an including DN 300. Method C is primarily intended for use for helically wound pipes with a winding angle other than approximately 90 degree SIGN. This method may also be used for other types of pipe. Results from one method are not necessarily equal to the results derived from any of the alternative methods. However, all methods have equal validity.


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