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JIS C 60068-3-1:1995 English Edition

JIS C 60068-3-1:1995

Background information, Section One - Cold and dry heat tests


The performance of components and equipments is influenced and limited by their internal temperatures which depend on the external ambient conditions and on the heat generated within the device itself. Whenever temperature gradients exist in the system formed by a device and its surroundings, a process of heat transfer will ensue. The tests cover cold and dry heat testing, with both sudden and gradual change of the temperature, and of non heat-dissipating and heat-dissipating specimens (the latter with or without artificial cooling). The use of test chambers with and without forced air circulation is covered as appropriate. A general block diagram of the total procedure is given in Appendix K.


Status Superseded
Pages 35
Language English
Superseded By JIS C 60068-3-1:2016
DocumentFormat PDF(Copy/Paste/Networkable)
Published 01-03-1995

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