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JIS C 60068-2-64:1997 English Edition

JIS C 60068-2-64:1997

Environmental testing Part 2: Test methods - Test Fh: Vibration, broad-band random (digital control) and guidance


This Standard shall apply to electrotechnical products in general that may be subjected to vibrations of a stochastic nature. The object of this Standard is to provide two standard test methods (method 1 and method 2) for determining the ability of a specimen to withstand specified severities of broad-band random vibration. Neither test method can be considered more severe than the other, the difference being primarily that method 2 provides more information to quantify the applied test, and is therefore more reproducible. It is also to reveal the accumulated effects of stress induced by random vibration, and the resulting mechanical weakness and degradation in specified performance and to use this information, in conjunction with the relevant specification, to assess the acceptability of specimens. In some cases, this Standard may also be used to demonstrate the mechanical robustness of specimens and/or to study their dynamic behaviour. This Standard is applicable to specimens which may be subjected to vibration of a stochastic nature resulting from transportation or operational environments, for example in aircraft, space vehicles and land vehicles. It is primarily intended for unpackaged specimens, and for items in their transportation container when the latter may be considered as part of the specimen itself. Although primarily intended for electrotechnical products, this Standard is not restricted to them and may be used in other fields where desired.


Status Superseded
Pages 34
Language English
Superseded By JIS C 60068-2-64:2011
DocumentFormat PDF(Copy/Paste/Networkable)

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