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JIS B 6228:2003 English Edition

JIS B 6228:2003

Bridge type plano-milling machines - Testing of the accuracy


This Standard specifies, with reference to JIS B 6191 and JIS B 6192, testing methods and their applicable tolerances for static accuracy, machining accuracy and positioning accuracy by numerical control, of general purpose bridge type plano-milling machines for normal accuracy. This Standard is applicable to fixed bridge (portal-type) machines with moving tables and does not apply to single-column (open sided) machines and those with fixed table and moving column. This Standard deals only with the verification of the static accuracy of the machine, and shall not be applied to the testing of the machine operation (vibration, abnormal noise, stick-slip motion of components and so on), nor to machine characteristics (such as milling head speeds, feeds, and so on), which are generally be checked before testing accuracy. This Standard provides the terminology used for the principal components of machine and the designation of axes with reference to JIS B 6310.


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Pages 48
Language English
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DocumentFormat PDF(Copy/Paste/Networkable)
Published 20-12-2003
History 2003(R2013) [21/10/2013]
2003(R2008) [01/10/2008]
2003 [20/12/2003]
1998 [20/10/1998]
1995 [01/02/1995]

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